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Kubota Junmai Daiginjo

This contemporary tanrei-karakuchi sake has a hint of pear and melon with an elegant aroma. Floral and expressive, its excellent harmony and acidic taste, gives it a pleasant mouth-feel. (300ml / Alcohol 15%)

Piano 300ml.jpg

Kizakura Piano Sparkling Sake

This sake has fruity aroma like apples or pears. The sweetness comes from rice and it is easy-drinking. It is also perfect as an aperitif!

(300ml / Alcohol 5%)

Tsu no Junmai Daiginjo 180ml.jpg

TSU No Sake Junmai Dai ginjo

Enjoy Junmai Daiginjo anytime, anywhere. This Junmai Daiginjo is usually enjoyed cold, and you can also taste the sake in room temperature. In room temperature, it pairs well with warm, simple Japanese dishes like tempura. (180ml / Alcohol 15%)


Kikusui Junmai Ginjo

This is a light and comfortably dry premium Sake with the aroma of fresh cantaloupe and banana followed by medium body with refreshing Mandarin orange like overtones.  (300ml / Alcohol 15%)

pineapple sake hana.jpg

Hana Pineapple Sake

The delicious fruit, pineapple — it bursts into your mouth and puckers your tongue with its sweetness and unique flavor. 

(375ml / Alcohol 8%)


Kikusui "Kukai" Mango Nigori

Lovely aromas of ripe, freshly-peeled mangos and yellow peaches jump out of the glass. Nigori features a soft mouthful and light, refreshingly sweet, mango taste.

(300ml / Alcohol 7%)


Sho Chiku Bai Nigori 

Sho Chiku Bai Nigori radiates aromas of melon, marshmallow, and cream, with a slightly smooth, fulsome texture and flavors of melon and vanilla ice cream. Its finish is lightly savory, with hints of salt and spice.  (375ml / Alcohol 15%)


Kiku-Masamune Dry Sake Cup

Exceptionally dry and versatile sake. This futsu-shu, or casual table sake, can be enjoyed with any dish.

(180ml / Alcohol 15%)


Korean Soju 처음처럼

Soju is a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage. It tastes like a crisp, neutral spirit, similar to vodka, but with more texture and less of the harsh sting from the alcohol.

(375ml / Alcohol 16.5%)


Yuzu Shuwah Sparkling

Super refreshing Yuzu sparkling using all Yuzu juice, peel and pulp. Well balanced sweetness and refreshing tartness. Sake based chu-hai.

(330ml / Alcohol 7%)

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